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Collaborate in Channels

Channels in Xelle Connexion streamline decision-making and issue resolution. Organize your discussions and oversee all your projects in channels to accomplish your business aims.


Main features of Xelle Connexion

Team Communication Channels

Create dedicated channels for different teams or projects, fostering organized communication and information sharing.

Organize Groups

Effortlessly manage your teams and projects by organizing them into groups within Xelle Connexion. Assign tasks, share updates, and collaborate seamlessly to drive progress and achieve your goals.

Video and Voice Conferencing

Conduct virtual meetings with built-in video and voice calling functionalities, eliminating the need for separate conferencing tools.

File Sharing

Upload files of any type effortlessly to share them with teammates. Xelle Connexion includes a file uploader for seamless sharing.

Notes and Note Sharing

Create rich notes for individual use, team discussions, or project documentation, all within the Xelle Connexion interface.


Engage non-app users via public channels using our SMS outreach feature. Additionally, our application facilitates two-way messaging with comprehensive analytics and delivery status tracking.


Discover how Xelle Connexion is transforming various industries:

Real Estate

See how real estate agencies streamline communication and collaboration with Xelle Connexion.


Discover how financial institutions enhance team productivity and client communication using Xelle Connexion.


Learn how healthcare organizations improve patient care coordination and internal communication with Xelle Connexion.


Explore how consulting firms enhance project collaboration and client communication with Xelle Connexion.


See how technology companies streamline software development and cross-team communication with Xelle Connexion.


Discover how marketing agencies improve campaign collaboration and client communication with Xelle Connexion.


Here's what our users have to say about Xelle Connexion:

Xelle Connexion has transformed the way our team collaborates. The seamless integration of communication channels and video conferencing has greatly improved our productivity.

Emily Thompson

Project Manager

Xelle Connexion's video conferencing feature has revolutionized our team meetings. It's incredibly easy to connect with colleagues, share screens, and collaborate effectively, no matter where we are.

Michael Johnson

Marketing Director

Using Xelle Connexion has simplified our team communication and project management. The intuitive interface and comprehensive features have made our workflow more efficient than ever.

David Smith

Software Developer


Choose the plan that suits your needs


  • Unlimited messages
  • 20,000 Searchable messages
  • 15 Channels
  • 5 GB total per team
  • Single team admin
  • Unlimited 1-1 Video calls
  • Group call max 10 participants, 30 min


  • Unlimited 1-1 & Group messages
  • Unlimited Searchable messages
  • Unlimited Private & Public channels
  • 20 GB per team member
  • Multiple team admins
  • Group Video calls
  • Screen Sharing
  • Text Broadcast (1-to-many)
  • Two-Way Texting
  • Additional Text Numbers
  • Text Surveys
  • Delivery Details
  • 24*7 Dedicated Support


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